The Importance of Online Assessments

Assessment is one of the crucial components of learning. People within the educational community, i.e. policymakers, educators, students, parents, administrators, have different ideas regarding the implementation of assessment strategies. While some believe traditional assessment methods are more effective, others think that online assessment tools are superior.

What do you mean by Online Assessment?

Online Assessment also known as e-assessment, electronic assessment and computer-based assessment, used for different forms of assessment like: educational assessment, health assessment, psychiatric assessment, and psychological assessment. This may use a computer connected to Internet network. Such online assessment includes multiple choice questions, test analysis, computerized adaptive testing, online submission and computerized classification testing.

In education assessment, examining bodies find the road from traditional paper based exam to fully digitalize assessment a long one. If we consider it practically its necessary to have IT hardware to enable numerous students to sit on a digital assessment at the same time, as well as to make sure a stringent level of security for academic dishonesty, are one of the concerns needed to be solved to achieve this transition.

Online assessment is mainly used to measure cognitive abilities, demonstrating what is learned after a particular event of education has occurred, likewise the completion of an instructional unit or chapter. While assessing practical abilities or to demonstrate learning that has occurred over a period of time an online portfolio is commonly used. The primary element that should be made while teaching an online course is assessment. Assessment is helpful to determine if learning is happening or not and to what extent and what changes are to be made.

Assessments offered by Tata Steel Digie-Shala help students to become more active & engaged in their learning process by connecting them with real-world problems and develops the ability to evaluate their performance and improve upon it.

Advantages of Digital and Online Assessments:

The use of online assessments saves a huge time and money for companies. Preferably the assessments can be finished in less time, many applicants can finish the online assessment at the same time &  along with that no requirement of specialized (and expensive) personnel. Also, the exam constructor are able to take the assessment during class, or at home, with their own devices. You get to check results and answers and get immediate feedback about your selected topic. That aids you, as a researcher, recruiter, teacher or even trainer, to know more about the users and adapt to their needs, strengths and weaknesses.

Technology supports every field and improves its performance. But there are several benefits which we cannot ignore because they are valuable for us.

  • It reduces the burden of the examination administration and provides them relief by offering technical support.
  • These online assessments have on-screen marking tools that reduce error in the evaluation.
  • It is an environmentally friendly approach to the examination.
  • Digital Assessment can be taken from any place or location.

Tata Steel Digie-Shala provides “Assessment Services” designed to help students and professionals to assess their domain expertise, evaluate the knowledge gaps and enhance the skills required to achieve career goals.

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