Sustainability Savvy Generation

Generation Green is observing the world which is threatened by man-made disasters as well as natural disasters which is raising awareness among them. The youngest generation is the “doer” generation. The powers of innovation are at students’ fingertips now more than ever, with interactive digital learning resources that give them to approach broader environmental issues in the context of their everyday lives and communities.

This generation is determined to breathe new life into sustainability and responsibility. People think of us to be self-entitled and technology-addicted. But we are the people making waves and demanding sustainable change. We are the most tech-savvy, conscious generation as we care, feel responsible, and embrace sustainability. 


Generation Green is the powerful engine of global economic, social, and environmental uplift. They are much concerned about industrial pollution, climate change, and biodiversity. Much research has been carried out with a particular focus on renewable energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, and recycling. The era of green technology is on the rise now with innovative digital transformation.

Artificial intelligence has been the key to complex data analysis statistics and management aimed at sustainable decision-making. This generation is keen to contribute through various aspects such as efficient natural resource consumption, supply chain improvement, minimizing pollution levels, shifting from fossil fuel towards perpetual energy. Solar panels, wind turbines, and electric cars are the other green technologies. 

A project that is good for the planet should be public by default and open to all, right? Like participating in tree planting. While environmental priorities are critical, the social and governance aspects are gaining such as health, education, poverty, diversity. They sought ideas to address COVID 19 challenges and then set up a dedicated social response unit to fast-track the implementation of the ideas. Generation green is rolling up its sleeves and is being vocal about a cause. In recent years, social media technologies have gained attention for their potential to amplify environmental concerns. 80% believe supporting issues online is more effective at making a difference. Digitally they are active in volunteering, signing a petition, protecting if any company is hurting society or the environment. 

Today’s generation has a methodological approach to sustainability such as:

  • Investors are pumping money into forward-thinking firms that play a positive role in the eco-friendly agenda. They make sure that environmental risks are the top focus area.
  • Industries lead transitions to non-fossil energy and renewable feedstock. We should rise above the current challenges our world is facing and participate in creating the sustainable future we want to see.
  • This generation supports brands that have eco-friendly product lines, supply chains, and processes. Considering that generation green is the most diverse generation in history, they are willing to turn to environmental activism when they feel land is being appropriated unfairly.
  • They are known to support vegetarianism.

STEM which stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics has become popular among Generation Green. Thus the quest for sustainability seems to be strengthened because this generation is eagle-eyed, in fact, a commitment to sustainability has climbed up the ladder of priorities.

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