International Youth Day

International Youth day is observed annually on August 12th giving everyone a window of opportunity to celebrate and hyper focus on the mainstream demography of a country. The theme of the International youth day 2020 is “Youth Engagement for Global Action” which outlines and highlights the methods in which the immersion and engagement of the young demography at the indigenous, national and international strata is augmenting domestic and multidimensional institutions and is rendering our socioeconomic fabric dynamic, nimble and sophisticated.

On August 12th, WHO and UNESCO will celebrate the International youth day by recognizing the resilience, perseverance and agility manifested by the youth when encountering the headwinds gas-lighted by Covid-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic has transmitted seismic waves across the global economy. Technologies such as AI, automation, RPA, Autonomous cars etc. are transcending the labour force and market dynamics and political forces such as populism and deglobalisation is manifesting a dystopian challenge to globalization and liberal trade and transaction consensus. The government bodies, corporate powerhouses, financial institutions , public-private partnerships, educational institutes, international agencies have the adroitness and dexterity to bestow the young demography with cutting edge and conversation amending education and skill development programs. It is radically imperative to upskill and educate the young demography as :

  • A quarter of the world’s workforce is made up of young people.
  • 400 million young people are currently devoid of employment opportunities, while 270 million young people are out of work.

In developed and developing geographies, the patrons who reside in cosmopolitan or urban areas has been able to transition seamlessly towards virtual learning and consumption but the disenfranchised communities who reside in rural or semi urban areas are encountering myriad hiccups when it comes to digital lifestyle or learning due to privation of resources and infrastructure.

The pandemic has exacerbated the prevailing digital skills lacuna in the economy and potent government policies and corporate pro-activeness are indispensable if we want to bridge this lacuna and its only possible if we incorporate countenance in the youth which are immune from the algorithms and automation. We need to render them prolific in soft skills like creative problem solving, critical rumination, agile intelligence, scenario premeditation etc. but soft skills isn’t enough to thrive in this cybernetic era ,therefore we incessant re-skilling and upskilling when it comes to hard skills like data analysis ,data management, cybersecurity etc. as in order to communicate explicitly with the digital overlords, it’s imperative that the youth develops strong analytical capabilities also.

We all know the times are precarious and eccentric but we are humans for a reason ,we are survivors and there is reason why we are the most sophisticated and elusive specie on this little blue planet as the time has come for our youth to manifest resilience and patience as there is no winning until there is some resistance.

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