Importance Of Industry 4.0 For Students In The Current Pandemic Scenario

Darwinian theory of evolution talks about the survival of the fittest. The key learning, there, is to evolve and such was the need for the Industrial revolution 4.0. Industry 4.0 has been a groundbreaking revolution adding to a new phase in the industrial revolution that has seamlessly integrated technologies like IoT, machine learning, and Big data with key verticals like manufacturing and the chain. Not only was the goal to optimize the entire process but also make the output more user-friendly.

In the wake of the Chinese app bans, the new education policy having realized the importance of digital age, has introduced coding as early as in the 6th grade. This not only is a step forward in inspiring innovation in young minds but also promoting the “atmanirbhar” or self-sufficient notion of the prime minister.

While the world is now looking at the early onset of Industry 5.0, it is now imperative, more than ever, to understand the importance of Industry 4.0 to stay abreast of the technological advancements that are to follow. COVID-19 has brought forth the fallacies of the supply chain that rather seemed impervious a few months back and also made every industry reflect upon the need for minimized human intervention in the whole manufacturing and supply chain processes.  As a student, who now is looking forward to a future prospect of employment, the skills required for machine learning, the Internet of things, big data, real-time data processing, and many more are much needed because digital is the new normal.

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