Happiness At Work During Covid Times

The year 2020 hit us just as the magnificent Titanic hit the iceberg. The sheer thud of the hit took us by surprise. Today, our situation is like those passengers onboard trying to survive and most of us have been successful in climbing the rescue wooden plank or boat. The enormity of the change that 2020 brought along has made us all crave for normality to return.
The revamp in the workplace dynamic has been drastic. ‘Work from home’ is the new normal and people require time to adjust to this nomenclature. It is because they’re witnessing an alteration in the very definition of the workplace. In such a situation, happiness is hard to find as it has somewhere gotten overpowered by anxiety.

Pre-COVID, office greetings meant the smell of brewing coffee, a pretty smile from the watchman and colleagues and a stack of files on one’s desk. This used to set the stage for a tiring yet fulfilling day at work. During COVID, however, the physical boundary between office and home got erased. That’s when we realized the importance of working together under one roof. The spirit, of working together for the betterment of the organization, has suffered. Technology came as a blessing in disguise, yet physical presence makes a lot of difference.

With businesses deciding to place a significant proportion of their employees to work from home, it is crucial to find happiness and sanity irrespective of the place of work. The onus for this lies in the organizations.

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