Benefits of Computational Thinking

Computational thinking is a relatively new term and the topic of much discussion in the educational system today. As per current scenario computational thinking is a highly valuable skill that is becoming a topic of increasing interest among computational education researchers as well as computer scientists.

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Social Emotional Learning

SEL, highly respected by enterprises and future employers, trains the workforce for tomorrow by instilling these skills: Communication, Empathy, Assertiveness, solving problems, emotion management, anger management, Recognition of Emotion and there are a lot more things.

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5 Keys To Overcome Failure

Everyone hates to fail but what most people don’t realize is that failing is part of success. Anyone who has ever succeeded has failed many times. So, how do you overcome failure? Here are 5 keys to overcoming failure.

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Happiness At Work During Covid Times

The year 2020 hit us just as the magnificent Titanic hit the iceberg. The sheer thud of the hit took us by surprise. Today, our situation is like those passengers onboard trying to survive and most of us have been successful in climbing the rescue wooden plank or boat.

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Financial Analysis For Decision Making

Decision Making has always been an integral and primary function of management. A decision is that specific course of action, which is selected from a pool of other alternatives, to optimally utilize an organization’s resources resources, to achieve its objectives.

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International Youth Day

International Youth day is observed annually on August 12th giving everyone a window of opportunity to celebrate and hyper focus on the mainstream demography of a country. The theme of the International youth day 2020 is “Youth Engagement for Global Action”

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